Choose TREND Transformations Perth for economical on-trend kitchen and bathroom makeovers

Updating your old kitchen and bathroom has never been easier or more cost effective than it is at TREND Transformations in Perth where we use our ground-breaking ‘top that fits on top’ to revitalise those ageing work surfaces in an instant. It sits within an extensive product range which also includes a wide variety of replacement door styles and an incredibly glittering array of glass mosaic tiles, and most appealing of all, we can apply that ‘top that fits on top’ utilising your existing units. Because the products sold by TREND Transformations Perth simplify the process of modernising the principal rooms in your home, it means that the installation phase is far quicker than a full and more expensive renovation. For an amazingly affordable price, trust in TREND Transformations Perth to give you the kitchen or bathroom you’ve always dreamt of.

Done in a Day, Beautiful for Life!™

How it Works

Give your kitchen or bathroom the gorgeous look it deserves and the messy demolition caused by the installation of ordinary countertop surfaces.